Twelve Month
Sacred Ancestral Bone Healing Journey
by Moon Phases
I invite you to join me

Once a Month ...


Sacred Ancestral Bone Healing Ceremony …

A ritual to help cleanse your Soul. It is a powerful process during Full Moon which helps you to unfold your Inner Essence & Divine Power and connect deeper to YOU through Wisdom in Your Bones, and Guidance from your Ancestral Lineage
You can experience this magical Transformational Healing Circle Ceremony every month under the Full Moon.
Experience the Full
Magical Power
of the FULL MOON

under Full Moon - €79


under Full Moon - €1496

  • spread over 12 months - one Circle Ceremony under Full Moon each Month
  • my Free Gift - Water Element Meditation
  • one 1:1 Sound Healing session by Michaela … me : )
  • one 1:1 - 20 mins Mini Dowsing Reading with Michaela to find what is your Vital Energy Level, what Aroma can help you, what Vitamins & Minerals are most missing in your body
  • audio recording after each Full Moon ceremony with instant access
  • access to private FB group during your process in Ancestral Bone Healing Journey where you can safely share your experiences during your journey with like-minded people
Total Value of this program is €1496. As we are in times now which are not easy, but important, as we are going through transformational & transitional time.

current promotional price €948

Full Moons in 2021
28 January - Wolf Moon
27 February - Snow Moon
28 March - Worm Moon
27 April - Pink Moon (Supermoon)
26 May - Blood Moon (Supermoon)
24 June - Strawberry Moon
24 July - Buck Moon
22 August - Sturgeon Moon
21 September - Harvest Moon
20 October - Hunter’s Moon
19 November - Beaver Moon
19 December - Cold Moon
Full Moons in 2022
17 January - Wolf Moon
16 February - Snow Moon
18 March - Worm Moon
16 April - Pink Moon (Supermoon)
16 May - Blood Moon (Supermoon)
14 June - Strawberry Moon
13 July - Buck Moon
12 August - Sturgeon Moon
10 September - Harvest Moon
09 October - Hunter’s Moon
08 November - Beaver Moon
08 December - Cold Moon
Full Moons in 2023
6 January - Wolf Moon
5 February - Snow Moon
7 March - Worm Moon
6 April - Pink Moon (Supermoon)
5 May - Blood Moon (Supermoon)
4 June - Strawberry Moon
3 July - Buck Moon
12 August - Sturgeon Moon
31 August - Blue Moon
29 September - Harvest Moon
28 October - Hunter’s Moon
27 November - Beaver Moon
27 December - Cold Moon

Registration Information

Ancestral Bone Healing Sessions are held once a month Live Via Zoom Call during the next Full Moon Phase, usually between 7pm and 8pm IST.

More information, including Live Zoom Link will be provided, along with a link for PayPal payment, after Registration.

If interested you can email me directly at
or use the following Registration Form

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“That was such a beautiful ceremony, I am very grateful to have participated in it! Thank you so much! It was the first ritual made under the full moon, absolutely amazing!"

"I would like to thank you for this , it's hard to explain what I experienced but definitely something happened! Certainly your singing triggered something"

— Google customer reviews
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