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Healing Sessions with Michaela

Experience transformational healing and cleansing of your Soul

Discover power of energy healing (distance or in person) - receive Healing, Blessings & Guidance from Divine & your Spiritual Guides during the Transformational Energy Healing session. Experience transformation Within, which can help you move forward on your path.

Relaxing, deep cleansing on all levels of Mind, Body & Spirit

Each session will help you heal what you need to Heal at that very moment on emotional, psychical, mental, and physical levels. Cleanse and remove what doesn’t serve you anymore (traumas, blockages, limited beliefs)

You might receive activation of your spiritual gifts during the session.

During energy healing I am guided by Your Guides and I am connected to Divine source, so you can release and receive Whatever you need (and you are open to) at that very moment – Healing, Blessings, or Guidance all in your highest good.

P.s. I believe in MIRACLES …

Transformational Inner Energy Healing

Single Session
1 hour€111

4 Week Journey - 4 Sessions
1 Hour per Week€280

7 Week Journey - 7 Sessions
1 Hour per Week€475

Mini Dowsing Reading

  • Find your Vital Energy Levels
  • What Aroma(s) can help you
  • what Vitamin & Mineral is most missing in your body
20 minutes €22

Book a Mini Dowsing Reading with any Healing Session for €10 (add cost to Healing Session)

In Person Sessions
Live Zoom Call Sessions

Available Monday to Saturday
9am to 6pm IST


61-62 Main street, Midleton, Co. Cork, Ireland
google map link

Information including Live Zoom Link will be provided, along with a link for PayPal payment, after Registration.

I am based in Ireland and all times mentioned here are in Ireland Standard Time

If interested you can email me directly at
or use the following Registration Form

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"Meetings with Michaela are an incredible experience, mediated by a great person with a big heart and a beautiful soul ♥

Each session is completely different, but each time it "hits the Soul" and moves the person to other spheres. In words, it is quite difficult for me to describe, everyone has to experience it for themselves. I highly recommend!

The sessions gave me a lot of strength, vigor and a lot of valuable advice not only about my body treatment, but especially with gradually allowing the Soul to heal. It helped me to have a different perspective on certain things, situations and especially on myself.

It's a big THANK YOU for me."

Lenka Zavacka, Slovakia

"I’m told I have arthritis in the joint and wake most nights with pain. I slept through last night! How amazing to have a proper sleep! And be pain free!"

Aniya G., UK

"I visit Michaela on regular basis and she always helps me with cleaning and healing of my energetic centres. However it is not only about healing. Every session, we have together, always helps me somehow to move forward. I usually have sudden insights which show me what to do next in my life or sometimes I can see even my future.

I would recommend the healing session with Michaela to anyone who would like to work on him/herself in spiritual way. I think that sometimes we need a help of others to see things, we don´t usually see. Michaela is very kind and friendly so I feel very comfortable with her. So do not hesitate and go for it! :)"

Radka Šebelova,Ireland

"I have had several remote healings with Michaela and it was wonderful. I felt she was very grounded and nurturing. I felt comfortable sharing an intimate aspect of my life which allowed me to release it as it was the first time I had ever told anyone about it, so you can imagine how comfortable she made me feel. The gratitude I feel for her is priceless. She felt where I was blocked and gave me the outlet to let it go.

I can highly recommend her, she is caring, compassionate and connected. I will be forever thankful for her gifts."

Lindy Rich, USA

"I have been brought up in a mindset of glorifying rationality, with a relevant career. Nevertheless I always had an interest in “what is beyond”, culminating in a quest for spiritual evolution to become the best person I can be, exploring a multitude of itineraries, all on my own. Though noticing progress over the years, I felt I was somewhat stuck. For the first time ever I had a “distant healing” session, with Michaela. Surprisingly, whilst me being completely alone at home, I actually felt slightly tingeling energy in sections of my body as she was proceeding, with finally kind of a gentle, buzzing sparkle all over. At all times it felt comfortable and safe, and after the session had ended I felt fresh, more energized. A few days later, I got aware I felt more free and open, as if the ceiling I had hit before had given way.

Michaela has a gift, and I am grateful our paths crossed!"

Hubert Hemeleers, retired Army personnel, Belgium

"My treatment with Michaela was deeply healing, she was so attuned to where my emotional and physical pain was stored in my body and helped me release blocked energy through her variety of tools. A powerful yet gentle healer."

Aisling, Ireland

"I had wanted to go to Michaela for a while but was waiting for the right time. I felt like September was a good time to cleanse my energy and rejuvenate before going back into routine with school etc.

She is so lovely to deal with and when we met I could feel her kind and caring energy. The session was very powerful for me and with her help I released a lot of stuck emotions. Something had been bothering me for a while but was only just coming into my consciousness. Michaela helped me to see how much this issue was draining me. Afterwards I felt tired but relaxed and calm - my nervous energy that I had prior to the session was completely gone. I would highly recommend Michaela and look forward to seeing her again myself in the future :)"

Jennifer, Ireland

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